Thursday, April 12, 2007


I watc Website that introduces tornadoes, why do we have tornadoes , if it happens now what you must do can let you safe. And in the USA, which always has a lot of tornadoes and a lot of things about it, that's very interesting and also helpful.
I think having tornadoes is about weather, some countries have tornadoes. For example China and Japan have no tornadoes or just a few, so they often think there are none or it doesn't matter. In the USA, some of states have them, so if no one died in a tornadoe, that's Ok, because we can't change our earth, but we can make sure no one died.

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Butterfly said...

Hello! In my country there ins't tornados either. I supose that this situation is difficult and painfull. I don't like to know one near to me.