Friday, April 20, 2007

The Amish

This Website introduced about The Amish lifestyle and about the Amish origins and the Amish Agriculture. And Amish are first from Switzerland, and there are approximately 150,000 Amish in North America. The largest group is in Holmes County, Ohio, with significant populations in Pennsylvania, northern Indiana and Iowa. Others are located in the eastern and mid-western states and Ontario, Canada. At the agriculture the Amish are primarily farmers. Some, however, are carpenters and cabinet makers, blacksmiths, buggy and harness makers, all geared toward supporting the Amish lifestyle. On there farms, they are without electric and telephone lines, and many of their conveniences were used long time ago. They use Wood or coal fueled stoves that provide heat. Cooking stoves are powered by propane, kerosene or wood. Kerosene or clear gas lamps provide light.
These tell us about the Amish’s life and Amish lifestyle. These look very old, but this is a culture about Amish, and their different lifestyle lets us think more and more. They use all that things are very old, but these don’t have environmental pollution, and we must protect this culture.


tom said...

I agree- this is the culture that is good and that should be protected. Good weblog so far, Renzhi!

abdulmajeed said...

Good job Renzhi.

renzhi said...

thank you very much I will try to do my best!