Thursday, May 3, 2007

Peer Pressure

I read this website. This introduces children’s peer pressure. Why do children have peer pressure, and if they do what will they do and how can parents help them?
As teens grow, their bodies begin to go through rapid physical, emotional and social changes they will know a lot of things and sometimes they don’t know what that is and if they do that, what will happen? Some people do that and they will follow them to do that, because they will think this very modern or cool in the school. Children always think girls must be beautiful, and if she can find a nice boy other boys will like her. Boys always think I must look cool that will let girls like me so they will do wrong things. For example: they will drink because they don’t know if that is ok? Just know a lot of people drink, so they will try.
There are a number of reasons why teens give into peer pressure. They are still in the process of developing their own values, ideas and views on what is acceptable. They go to school every day they feel tired and have a lot of homework; some parents want their child to be smarter and smarter so on weekend they will study so they just think I work a lot, I feel tired, but study is not good, so this will let them think a lot. Now parents establish strong communication patterns and standards during the early years, teens are less likely to give in to negative peer pressure.
What can parents do to help a child deal with peer pressure? I think parents must talk with the child a lot know what they think and want know them a lot, and tell them what is wrong and how they can do well. This is very important, so parents must be more careful because children don’t know anything a lot of things are new for them so they want to go to try and this will let them make some mistakes. Now a lot of parents have a lot of jobs they work very late and this makes them have not enough time to take care of their children; at the end they will go to wrong way
Maybe parents have a lot of jobs to do, but must remember children are the world’s future so we must help our children and tell them which way will be good for them can make them not go the wrong way.


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